Breakfast and Your Child’s Brain Development

by Dr Naras Lapsys

It is of no surprise that childhood eating habits have an impact on their brain development.   Recent studies have shown that eating breakfast has an immediate and positive effect on cognitive function in children. A recent Japanese study (PLoS One. 2010) delved a little deeper to see if certain types of breakfasts had different effects on brain development.  Being a Japanese study, the comparisons were made between children who ate low GI rice versus children who routinely ate high GI  white bread for breakfast.  The researchers did brain scans as well as IQ tests. The results of the study showed that there were differences in physical aspects of the brain and cognition between the two groups, with the favourable results lying in the low GI rice group.  Although this is just one study in many, the data really does lend itself to promoting a healthy low GI breakfast in our children. In general, high fibre, health cereals, fresh fruit, yoghurt and grainy bread are all healthy and low GI. Of course, we could also eat rice too!






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