Dual Carbohydrates for Endurance Exercise?

by Dr Naras Lapsys

The benefits of consuming carbohydrates throughout endurance exercise to maximise performance is well documented. Athletic performance is enhanced through the maintenance of blood sugars which in turn provides a constant source of fuel to the working muscles. The muscle’s ability to use carbohydrate from a single carbohydrate source such as glucose is approximately 1.1g per minute. However, when different types of carbohydrate are combined, most commonly glucose and fructose, the body has the ability to use 1.75g carbohydrate per minute; nearly a 50% increase. Therefore, in a high level endurance event where you are trying to maximise your intake of carbohydrate, a dual carbohydrate mix will allow a greater delivery of carbohydrate into the working muscle. Companies such as Powerbar have products which contain dual carbohydrate mixes. Look for their products based on C2 Max technology.







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