Healthy Eating with The Body Doctor

by Dr Naras Lapsys

The Body Doctor and Love Lunch Unite.

The Body Doctor and Annalise Braakensiek recently joined forces to add further sparkle to Annalise’s growing food catering business Love lunch.

Each week, Annalise and her team of chefs produce delicious organic, low fat, dairy, gluten and meat free recipes that can be delivered fresh to your home or office. As described by Annalise, “Love Lunch is for health minded, weight conscious, environmentally aware people, with very discerning taste buds”

In order to provide the healthiest meals possible, The Body Doctor now oversees the recipes and provides a complete nutritional breakdown for all the Love Lunch meals. Watch out for The Body Doctor’s Healthy Food Tips in Annalise’s new Love Lunch cookbook coming out soon.

To find out more information or to order Love Lunch meals, please visit the Love Lunch website.





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