Attitude, continuity critical to weight control

by Dr Naras Lapsys

A recent Courier Mail headline was troubling: Two in three Aussies are fatties.

The article went on to say that information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicates that 63.4 per cent of our adults are overweight or obese and that’s up from 56.3 per cent back in 1995. In 2007-08 the number was just over 61 per cent.

Further, experts predict that within 15 years, 75 per cent of all adults in Australia will be overweight. One authority quoted in the Courier Mail article made an excellent point when he said that Australians are now “normalising” the state of obesity.

Making healthy “normal”

At The Body Doctor, we help our clients “normalise” a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise that makes it possible to sustain their proper weight. When working to achieve sustainable weight loss, Sydney residents need advice that is specifically developed for their personal success. Reliance on fad diets or “miracle pills” never results in the long-term weight loss necessary to improve overall health, bolster energy and increase longevity.

The factors that influence weight loss and the sustainability of a healthy weight are many. Of course, diet and exercise are fundamentally important, but they aren’t the only two factors. An article in the Journal of Sports Sciences looked at “intentionality” on the part of the person seeking weight loss and related some interesting and important points. In fact, through our years of nutrition consultancy in Sydney, the study’s findings reflect truths we have witnessed many times.

Relationship is important

Long-term success at maintaining a healthy weight requires the ability to sustain changes in both diet and the level of physical activity, and the relationship between the client and the client’s health care provider is extremely important, the study found.

Among the first factors that influence this relationship is the client’s attitude or “intentionality” regarding his or her weight. For example, when coming to The Body Doctor for weight control, Sydney residents demonstrate that they recognise their condition, have reflected on their condition and are ready to communicate their condition to our professionals.

When these three elements are in place, the path has been paved that leads to a successful relationship with a Body Doctor professional nutritionist serving Sydney and the neighbouring areas. What these factors indicate is the client’s high level of commitment to work with health care professionals, including a dietician in Sydney, to implement a personalised and realistic management plan that involves both diet and exercise.

Health care continuity

The Journal of Sports Sciences article made another observation that we have found very critical throughout our years in exercise and nutrition consultancy in Sydney: sustaining a relationship with the same health care professional is vitally important.

When “long-standing connections with trusted staff were broken,” the journal article explains, the patient’s concern for weight control lapsed. Researchers found that patients’ attitudes of “intentionality” were lost and they were unable to re-establish the kind of successful relationships that they had with their previous health care providers.

By understanding how important attitude, relationship, communication and commitment are between those seeking sustainable weight loss and a general or sports nutritionist, Sydney residents have a much better likelihood for enjoying long-term weight control success.





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