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Our first consultation is dedicated to hearing your story and understanding the nature of your relationship with food. We identify the triggers for your over eating and whether your compulsive eating is linked to mood, boredom, comfort and/or emotions. We also discuss the type and amount of food that you are drawn to when over eating.  Your usual eating, drinking and exercise patterns are also discussed. Importantly, we also identify whether you have applied or learnt any methods in the past that may have helped you in managing your eating patterns.

We then begin the process of educating and providing you with the skills necessary to overcome the food addiction yourself. Over subsequent consultations, this will include:

  • The psychological ‘tools’ necessary to tackle the food addiction at a core level
  • Challenging inappropriate eating patterns and behaviours and replacing them with alternatives
  • A structured eating plan
  • Ample opportunity to discuss successes and hurdles
  • A constant motivating and encouraging environment

We truly believe that food addiction is changeable and that you are able to overcome your addictive behaviours and attitudes. Although it may take time and a number of laspes, you can fight your own addiction and rebuild a normal and happier life.

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