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Create a Sports-Specific Nutrition Plan with Our Sports Nutritionist in Sydney

Whether you are a recreational sportsperson or elite athlete, your nutritional intake and level of fitness are key determinants to your athletic potential.

Equipment choice and the use of supplements provide little more than the ‘icing on the cake’. Creating a sports-specific nutrition plan with an experienced and accredited sports dietitian will produce significant and measurable improvements to your athletic output.

With consulting experience to professional rugby league teams, cycling clubs and individual athletes, The Body Doctor has expertise in the following disciplines:

  • running (incl. half, marathon and ultra marathon)
  • cycling
  • triathlon
  • iron man
  • strength and contact sports
  • boxing and kick boxing

The Body Doctor is the sports nutritionist Sydney has been waiting for!

Client Testimonials

Michael M – Competition Cyclist

“When I came to The Body Doctor 5 months ago, I had just started road riding and was trying to train hard. I couldn’t sustain a high level of effort and was always tired, nearly falling asleep in the afternoons. I also was unable to backup the next day and do any type of effort, let alone a quality effort. While I thought I had a healthy diet and was eating the right foods, it just wasn’t working for me. Consulting with The Body Doctor, the most qualified sports nutritionist Sydney can offer, I realised that I was ignorant in the correct ways to fuel myself in order to achieve my training and race goals”… [read more]

James P – Graphic Designer

“Having spent the majority of my life overweight with a great deal of inherited bad eating traits, Naras offered professional and realistic dietary advice that was easy to implement. When we first met, I weighed 116 kilos. 12 months later I weigh 98 kilos.”… [read more]

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