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At your initial consultation, we will identify the performance outcomes that you need to achieve, such as:

  • improved power to weight ratio
  • making weight
  • reduction in body fat mass
  • maintenance of energy levels and fluid balance during competition

We will examine your eating patterns as well as your usual nutritional and fluid intake during exercise and/or competition. We will take accurate body weight, body composition and physical parameters. We also have the facilities to take additional readings including:

  • anthropometric skin fold measures
  • hydration status
  • sweat loss and fluid balance analyses

Based on your energy requirements, training schedule and performance levels, we will design your individual sport-specific nutrition program that includes:

  • detailed meal plan to achieve the desired athletic outcome
  • pre-event plan that includes a carbohydrate loading phase (if appropriate)
  • specific during-event nutrition and hydration strategies
  • recovery plan

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