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Calorie Counting Tools

Monitoring your daily calorie intake can be an effective way to micro-manage your daily food intake. The web has numerous resources and there are many iPhone and android phone applications that are accurate and effective.


Calorie King –

One of the best Australian and free web-based calorie counting tools is

Unlike many calorie counting websites that rely on American food , this program uses Australia’s largest food database so that you will find it far easier to search for the food products that you routinely use.

Mobile/Phone Apps

Calorie Counter by Fat Secret

Calorie Counter by FatSectret

Calorie Counter by Fat Secret is a free iPhone app that is well laid out and easy to use. It does use an American food database but there is a good amount of crossover with Australian food products so you generally find the food that you are looking for.

Daily Burn

Daily Burn iPhone App

Daily Burn is free American-based calorie counter and exercise tracker with a food barcode reader that can be purchased as an add-on to the basic application. The barcode reader works quite well on many Australian products. All the information you load into Daily Burn on your phone automatically syncs to a web-based application with even more features and reporting tools.

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